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Email Attachements Automatically Saved

When using your magic BCC email address, attachments are automatically saved to Pickle for the contacts involved.

Simply attach the file, use your magic BCC email address, and boom – it just works. The file is attached to Jony inside of Pickle and you never have to leave your email or switch to another app.

Attached files are automatically saved to Pickle – you'll never waste time looking for them again.

View all the files for a Contact

Spend less time looking for files

Ever wasted time looking around for that contract for someone that you just can't find anywhere? You swear it was right over there last time!

With Pickle Files, you'll spend less time looking for that file. You can access the file from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Looking for the contract for Jony? Click on Jony and boom – it's right there!

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Access Your Files from Anywhere

Built on a file system is trusted by millions of companies across the globe

Tons of Space

Don't worry about running out of space. We've got tons of it for you and you can always upgrade.

Advanced Security Features

Email attached files remain private to your account.

Dead Simple

Drag and drop or email your files in. It's that easy.

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Why Pickle?

Top Notch Support

We're always here to help! Whether it's helping you get setup, or answering your questions – we're happy to help in any way we can.

No Software to Install

Pickle is constantly being updated and doesn't require you to install any software or deal with any software updates.

Build Better Relationships

Track emails, notes, files, and your relationships with people you haven't talked to recently or need to follow up with.

Up and running in Minutes

Getting started with Pickle takes less than a few minutes. Pickle was designed to be simple and easy to use.

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