About Pickle CRM

Our philosophy is to build something simple yet powerful while listening carefully to our customers.

Most CRMs are confusing, bloated, and expensive. We’ve tried a number of different CRM products and none of them really did what we were looking for, so we decided to build something better. We started with an API built on top of people, rather than rows in a table or files in a folder.

Pickle is the dead simple CRM that you can use both at home and at work. People are using Pickle to manage their child’s girl scouts group, plan a wedding, keep organized with potential home buyers, manage sales leads, organize sports teams, and many more.

Today you can manage files, contacts, opportunities, and cases. We have a magic email address that allows you to share files and notes for easy access, an easy to use API for tracking anything, and we have a support team that’s always happy to help!

Made with ❤️ in San Jose.