Home Buying has never been easier

For professional realtors who want happier clients

Never be confused again

We get it, the home buying process is confusing and stressful. If it wasn't hard enough finding the house to put an offer in, now you have to go through tedious amounts of paperwork, inspections, qualifications, reports, disclosures, financing, banks, etc. It can be messy.

With Pickle Timelines, we make the process dead simple and completely transparent. You'll always know where you are, what's next, and what's been done.

This is your home buying timeline.

View what's next and all activity so you're never lost.

Always know what's next

There are so many steps when it comes to buying a house. Knowing where you are and what's next is a full time job and you probably already have one!

Anyone can use the Pickle Timeline to make the home buying process easier and less stressful.

Using Timelines helps me stay focused and allows me to work with multiple clients at once without pulling my hair out. -Sam (Realtor)
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For Professional Realtors who want happier clients

Be more successful and transparent without pulling your hair out.

Never ask, "What were we
doing for that client?" ever again

Catch up on clients in seconds. Never lose your place no matter how big your client base grows.

Always on top of your Files

Attach files right to a timeline so you're more efficient and never waste time digging for that important document.

Dead Simple

Contact management, files, magic email and much more. You'll be up and running in a snap!

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Buying a house is stressful – we're here to help

We've all heard it before — Buying a house is stressful!

There's a ton of information, financing, pre-qualification, finding the right house before someone else does, making sure your spouse likes it, dealing with the bank, reading through the disclosures, inspections, paper work, paper work, and more paper work. It's a lot.

Pickle Timelines is designed to help you and your clients.

For your clients: 
We make it dead simple for your clients to understand where they are in the process. They'll always be able to check up on things 24/7, day or night.

For you (the realtor): 
You've got your system. You work with clients every day and have a good feeling for how you want to do this; we understand completely. Pickle doesn't get in your way. It acts an extension to your existing system. The timeline steps are fully customizable and controlled by you. You're in total control.

"Buying a house is more stressful than bankruptcy or divorce."
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Why Pickle?

Top Notch Support

We're always here to help! Whether it's helping you get setup, or answering your questions – we're happy to help in any way we can.

No Software to Install

Pickle is constantly being updated and doesn't require you to install any software or deal with any software updates.

Build Better Relationships

Track emails, notes, files, and your relationships with people you haven't talked to recently or need to follow up with.

Up and running in Minutes

Getting started with Pickle takes less than a few minutes. Pickle was designed to be simple and easy to use.

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