How Pickle Stacks Up

There are SO MANY crm products out there and they all seem the same.
Here's how we stack up and how to know which one is the best for you.
Salesforce, Pipedrive, Close, Liondesk... They all let you store contacts and basic sales information. If you've ever asked your friends about Salesforce, I'm sure they'll tell you it's a "necessary evil" and that they hate doing data entry. We feel the same way.

Pickle is Different. We focus on not just building a smart address book, but a product which is customizable and flexible. The others focus on building better ways to spam your customers. We focus on ways to build better relationships.
Salesforce IQ
Average Monthly Price
$137.50 per user/month
$113 per user/month
$39.66 per
Monthly Price for 5 users
Free API
Advanced search with editable contents
Custom Dashboard Panels
Multiple Project/Organization Support
Use at Home, Work, Clubs, Events, Weddings...
Daily Email Digest
Todo Management
The CEO's Phone Number

Consider this scenario: You've started a business and you need a good way to manage your contacts and relationships. So you pick a crm. You love being organized, so you decide to use it at home and with your family. It's great, you think, until you realize that your customers are in the same project as your plumber, Girl Scouts group, hockey team members, the repair guy. Before you know it—it's all a mess. Plus, you're spending at least $200 to use it with just your spouse! That's insane!

Now consider the same scenario with Pickle: You can create multiple projects/organizations. You can tag the plumber, painter, repair man, the multiple baby sitters with various tags and put them into lists so you can easily find them at a moments notice. Next time the sink has a serious clog, a quick search will help find the plumbers info (and probably what you paid them last time, too).
Best of all, you won't spend anything extra to use it with your family.

Pickle was built for people who want to stay organized and focus on the things they truly care about at home and at work. We're a bootstrapped company trying to make the world a less stressful place. If you want to enjoy your life and get stuff done, then Pickle is the right tool for you.
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