We've got a lot of great features

Here's a list of some of the ones we think you'll love.


Email Attachements Automatically Saved

When using your magic BCC email address, attachments are automatically saved to Pickle for the contacts involved.

Simply attach the file, use your magic BCC email address, and boom – it just works. The file is attached to Jony inside of Pickle and you never have to leave your email or switch to another app.

Attach as many files as you'd like—you'll never lose them again.

Your files are easy to find and in the right place

Attach files to contacts

Keeping track of everything is hard. Files in random places on your desktop, dropbox account, flash drive, external hard drive, or somewhere in that mess of folders.

With Pickle, if a file relates to someone, attach it to them! You'll never lose that contact for John, or the brochure for Sue.

Access Your Files from Anywhere

Built on a file system is trusted by millions of companies across the globe

Tons of Space

Don't worry about running out of space. We've got tons of it for you and you can always upgrade.

Advanced Security Features

Email attached files remain private to your account.

Dead Simple

Drag and drop or email your files in. It's that easy.

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Everything revolves around people

Smart Profiles

In Pickle, you can customize a contact profile with as much data as you'd like.  Use custom fields to store anything such as birthdays, important notes, food allergies, guests, interests, and anything your heart desires.

Adding notes to a contact is dead simple

Take Note

Jot down anything from meeting notes, updates, things you're thinking about, and recent experiences.

Plus if you BCC magic email from your email client, Pickle is smart enough to add it here so you don't have to type it twice, because nobody's got time for that.

All In One Place

Every contact has a historical timeline with all events related to them. Whether they upgraded in your SaaS app, RSVPd to your event, sent you an email or something else—you'll have it all there neatly organized in one place.

Plus, with our over 1000 app integrations, you'll be able to track events from all of your favorite apps and services. Having everything in one place eliminates the stress of fragmentation.

Sales, support tickets, etc. You can track it all easily and automatically with Pickle.

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Integrations up the wazoo

Over 1,000 integrations helping you get stuff done.

With Zapier, the possibilities are endless

With over 1,000 integrations, the possibilities are endless. Integrate and automate with Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more.

When you get an email in Gmail, track the contents in Pickle and create a contact if they don't exist.

When someone makes a purchase on your store, smartly attach that to the right contact in Pickle.

Track and log comments from various people visiting your blog. Put them in the right place so when you visit a contact's profile, their comments are all right there.

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