The Smarter Address Book for Busy People

A smarter and more connected address book for you and your team.
Bring everything in one place: files, contacts, notes, and so much more.
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How it works

View everything about a contact all in one place.

Search with advanced filters

Know Your Customer

So many businesses run into the same problem: Customer information is everywhere and cross referencing it is a nightmare. Don't run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. You're better than that.

Everything in One Place

When everything is in one place, you and your team will spend less time figuring things out. No more missed information, you'll spend less time digging through email, and you'll get a full 360 view of your customer.

All on the Same Page

Invite your team to share on the knowledge. When everyone's able to be on the same page about customers, better and smarter decisions are made.

Be More Efficient

You'll spend less time figuring things out about your customers and more time getting things done. You'll be surprised how liberating it is.

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Why Pickle?

The main problem is that stuff is scattered everywhere.You and your team have your own database of metrics, an analytics platform, a payment processor, support tools, email, files, and so much more. Knowing where to look is not only a headache, but a waste of time and energy.

Pickle solves that problem by bringing everything into one place and integrating with your existing tools.

Our customers use Pickle with their startups, SaaS products, real-estate clients, freelancing, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

We use Pickle to help us know who are customers are and communications we've had with them. It let's us keep everyone on the same page, and gives us a birds eye view of our customers.

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Simplicity at our Core

File Storage

Don't worry about running out of space. We've got tons of it for you and you can alway upgrade.

Advanced Security Features

Your data is backed up and password protected. Email attached files remain private to your account.

Dead Simple

Contact management, files, magic email and much more!

Smart Text Messaging


Send messages to one or one hundred contacts all at once. Replies only go to you, so no one gets bombarded with annoying group messages.

Stay Organized with Cases

Organize anything into a case and share with others. Files, emails, notes, and people make up great cases for staying organized.

Track Deals

Organize files, people, emails, notes and more with deals. Winning never felt better.

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Always in the loop

Keep you and/or your team in the loop with notes.

Check up on your last conversation, thoughts or notes with a contact at any time. Check Pickle before your next meeting. You may not have been in touch in 6 weeks, but you'll be up to speed like you connected yesterday.

Attach messages to cases, opportuniites, timelines, and contacts.

Use your magic email address to create contacts, automatically create notes, and securely store files/attachments.

Automagically create contacts with Magic Email

Instead of manually entering contacts into Pickle, you can easily and automatically create contacts by using Magic Email.

Simply send an email just like you normally would, and boom—they're now in Pickle. Plus, if you send any files or attachments, those get included for easy future reference, too!

Know what's on your plate

Know what needs to be done with Todos.

Create todos that are attached to people.

Keep track of tasks

View the contact's calendar to see what's coming up.

Prepare for the Future

View dates on the contact's calendar and the next 7 days on the dashboard.